Starbase 49

Apr 2, 2366
This weekend we made the jump and started up a Starbase 49 RPG. A new section on the forum has been created called Mission Control. You can report there and the Captain will assign new positions. Members that already had prominent positions on the station can keep their position unless they don't want to participate in the RPG. Then the position...
Apr 1, 2366
This is what your request bio will look like: I think one thread per request. Please sign in here. Name- Age- Species- Biography- Position request- Go here and pick a Position. Past Simming Experience- Your sim experience will determin Your qualifications. That's all I need.
Dec 2, 2365
I received a promotion to Commodore and got assigned to Fleet Operations for this sector. Also, Starfleet Command ordered me to promote Kent Taylor to the rank of Captain and transfer the command of the Starbase to him. As of today the Starbase is in the hands of Captain Kent Taylor. The task as Chief Science Officer will be fullfilled by...
Aug 26, 2365
Goodday crew and visitors, lately I haven't been able to participate in my own website as much as I would like to. Real life activities take too much time to work on my hobby of website making. But as I am writing this message, my head starts spinning again of all the ideas I still have for this site, and as soon as I have enough time I will start...
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