Keegan Logan

Keegan Logan

Keegan Logan
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Starbase 49

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Keegan was born in 2341 on the planet Nolana 5, a farming colony close to the Klingon border. His family had owned a house there for 3 generations. He grew up farming, though he wanted something more for his life and ended up joining Starfleet, against his father's will. His father did not support him in his action and they have not spoken since. Keegan's mother did support him, though, and still talks to him when she gets the chance. Keegan quickly passed through the academy, he was always great in school, though he remained relatively friendless throughout his entire program. He began his service on a small patrol vessel and soon discovered that he didn't like the constant routine of patrolling several sectors. He transferred to a larger ship and found that the extended several year-long missions was too long without communication from his family. He decided to transfer to a starbase to see if he enjoyed the starbase life better.

Service Record
Starfleet academy - graduated with honours in the extended engineering and systems development program. The program is aimed to challenge those already familiar with engineering systems, possibly preparing cadets for research assignments. Keegan specialized in combat systems, propulsion systems, and phaser rifles.
First starship - Nebula-class, the USS Phoenix. Began as ensign and graduated to Lieutenant junior grade after displaying impressive work in engineering and increasing the efficiency of several combat systems, including shields and phasers. He transferred off the ship in 2366.
Second starship - Excelsior-class, the USS Gorkon. The ship was sent on a three-year exploration mission, but was sidetracked as they experienced a large battle at the end of their first year. Here, Keegan was forced to take command of engineering as the chief engineer had been killed and the assistant chief engineer was trapped with two other high - ranking engineer officers in a service duct. He was promoted to Lieutenant after the ordeal and asked to be reassigned to a starbase with the chance to have away missions on a ship.

Personal details
Physical Appearance
Hair Color: 
Eye Color: 
Physical Description: 
Keegan is pretty lean and slightly taller than normal. He has dark, deep blue eyes and brown hair. He prefers having goatees, but sometimes is clean shaven. He doesn't have many freckles. He has large, but soft, hands. His hands are not extraordinarily large, just unconventionally large. As such, he sometimes has problems working with technology and playing instruments.
Michael Scott Logan
Aileen claire Logan
Scott Bradan Logan
Colleen Gael Logan Grace Mona Logan
Other Family: 
Uncle on father's side: Hugh Kevin Logan, mother was a single child.
Personality and Traits
General Overview: 
Keegan is Irish, but comes from a small-town colony of farmers that is distant to Earth. He's patient and enjoys talking to people one on one, but becomes quieter in large groups. He's an introvert, and though he becomes quieter in large groups, he enjoys hanging out with other people.
Strength and Weaknesses: 
Keegan is very strong when it comes to personal relationships, but always feels insecure in himself. Many times he finds himself wondering if people enjoy his company because of how introverted he is. He is incredibly good with technology, he knows the ins and outs of several classes of Federation starships, and even some Klingon ones. Because of his large hands, he usually works with larger components and is sometimes drafted to work on military projects because of their macroscopic application.
First aspired to become a musician, but was told that he could never play well because his hands were not flexible enough and did not have a "feel" for music. He tried farming, but always felt like there was something better for him. He joined Starfleet to make a difference and discovered that he loved working with machinery and technology. He wants to possibly make it to command one day, but is content to reach a chief engineer position, because he loves the engineering room.
Hobbies and Interests: 
Keegan loves working on projects in his quarters and usually enjoys tinkering with ship systems to increase efficiency. Unfortunately, this has caused him problems in the past and is usually reserved about working on the ship. He enjoys working out in the ship gyms and goes running in the holodecks. He rarely uses entertainment programs in the holodeck because he prefers the real world, but will go in group situations. He does not enjoy competetive sports, but will leisurely play volleyball and basketball.
Fleet history
04/21/2368Transfered to Starbase 49 as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
07/05/2367Changed rank to Lieutenant
08/19/2366Transfered to U.S.S. Gorkon as Engineering Officer
09/02/2365Changed rank to Lieutenant JG
08/13/2364Transfered to U.S.S. Phoenix as Engineering Officer
07/24/2364Graduated from Starfleet Academy
07/23/2364Changed rank to Ensign
08/23/2363Changed rank to Cadet Senior Grade
07/23/2362Changed rank to Cadet Junior Grade
07/23/2361Changed rank to Cadet Sophomore Grade
07/23/2360Changed rank to Cadet Freshman Grade
07/22/2360Accepted at Starfleet Academy