United Federation of Planets

The Acacia Fleet Library contains articles on a wide variety of subjects gathered from the ships and stations in the fleet. On the main Acacia Fleet website, all information is available, whereas on the ship and station sites, only the information for that ship or station is available. Most data is automatically added from character data. Other information is added by the Library Staff on a regular basis.

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Latest entries

Nov 3, 2372
Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist on Starbase 49.
Sep 1, 2372
Transporter Specialist on Starbase 49.
Jan 23, 2371
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer on Starbase 49.
Jun 27, 2370
Operations Officer on Starbase 49.
May 19, 2370
Tactical Officer on Starbase 49. He and his Friends Played about never Joining Star Fleet untill the Day The Borg Attacked His Family killing All of his Family that Was there. Jason was born in the small rural town of Redlands, California. His whole childhood was spent with him thinking he would be a farmer as his father was. But, there came a day when a Federation officer came...
Mar 1, 2370
Computer Systems Specialist on Starbase 49.